Posted by: alimarparanormal | September 8, 2009

Town Being Swallowed Up By a Sink Hole

Date of Dream: 3/20/2009:

There was a huge cavern under a town.  At first it was filled with water, then the water drained away and they were left with a big empty whole under the entire town (or neighborhood – lots of houses).

President Obama was there visiting, and giving a speech.  (In this dream, he and I were friends). During a lull in his speech, while he was drawing something on a blackboard, I spoke up and asked him what he planned on doing about the huge hole under this set of houses, and he turned around and confronted me.  He told me to never interrupt him when he was talking, which confused me because he wasn’t talking when I spoke up; he was writing in silence on the chalkboard.  I remember feeling as if he cared more about his speech, his presentation, that the dire situation that was occurring in this little town.  It was very disturbing and upsetting.

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  1. could be about the spill

    • You may be correct. I never even considered that! Thank you for commenting.


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