Posted by: alimarparanormal | February 1, 2012

Reading Glasses

The protective spirit/guide/angel that has been watching over me helped me once again early this morning.

It all started yesterday morning when my reading glasses suddenly disappeared. I remembered setting them on my nightstand as I headed for bed the night before, but when I got up the next morning they were no where to be found.

At around 12:15 AM this morning, I got up to take the prilosec that I’d forgotten before dinner (I felt a bout of acid reflux coming on). As I headed back to bed, I placed my hand on the end of the bed to steady myself, and felt my glasses under my hand. My protector amazingly placed my glasses in the exact spot I would touch on the bed! I chuckled out loud, and said “thank you for returning my glasses to me.” Hearing my comment, Mary asked what was going on. When I told her I’d just found my glasses on the end of the bed she replied, “They were not there earlier. I’m certain of it.”

Thank you my dear friend for looking out for me once again!

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