Posted by: alimarparanormal | February 28, 2012

Unwanted Visitor

Over the last couple of weeks, Mary and I have been experiencing some, let’s put it this way, undesirable spiritual activity.   It started with the appearance of something that can only be described as a fluorescent squid (or octopus) near my side of the bed.  I’d seen this entity in the past, and never thought much of it, but for some reason this time it it frightened me so badly that I screamed out loud (something I never do).

The next night, as I was practicing my journeying, I felt something come up on my side of the bed, stand there for a while, and finally sit on the end of the bed.  Then all throughout the night, I kept feeling Mary touch me (something not unusual, except the frequency of the touching).  This culminated in finally being vigorously shook awake via my left shoulder.  The only issue with this is that when I turned to her to say, “What?”, I realized she was sound asleep with her back to me, snoring away.  It was then that I realized someone, or something was either being mischievous, or trying desperately to help me.

I’ve been “shaken awake” before by a very helpful spirit trying to keep me from choking on my own vomit (I was having issues with extreme acid reflux due to a malfunctioning gall bladder).  Knowing this, one would think I’d put two and two together, and try to figure out what was going on.  But it wasn’t until Mary, too, was touched that I finally realized we had a very unwanted visitor.

It was two mornings later that Mary took me aside and told me she felt a male spirit lie down next to her, put his arm around her, and press up against her (if you know what I mean).  Why she waited until morning to tell me, I don’t know.  Whatever the case, this alarmed me beyond belief.  Never once has any of the activity in our house been negative in nature, yes, mischievous, playful, but never negative.  Plus, I am always the one to see things hovering above or next to the bed, or moving through the kitchen, or hovering above a chair.  I’m the one that hears things on a regular basis, is touched, etc., not Mary.  Yes, on one occasion she did see a young woman standing at the end of our bed, and she does hear her name called, or inaudible words being spoken from time to time – but nothing to the extent of my experiences.

So when she told me a male entity made his intentions known, I knew things were escalating.  After considering what should be done, I decided we needed to join together and do a very intense cleansing.  Using sage, we went through the entire house (focusing mainly on the bedroom), and expelled the spirit from our premises, effectively blocking him from coming back into the house.  We also set up two waiting rooms (one in each bedroom window) to draw any other spirits away from us, and into this place of light.  And the effect was almost immediate.  That night neither Mary nor I were touched, or bothered in anyway.  I did, however, hear “him” thump the floor (from underneath), and scream in frustration outside the house.  Praise God!  And best of all, I got a full nights rest.

But, then last night happened …

The male spirit tried everything he could to get into the house.  And when he couldn’t he then decided to thump the wall, and throw rocks at the windows.  This was quite disturbing, and managed to keep both Mary and I up for a good part of the night.  Then, on top of that, I had another visitor.  I believe it was the same helpful spirit that shook me awake on several occasions.  This time she (I’m certain it’s female) grabbed my right foot to wake me up.  It was then that I finally put two and two together and called on the white light of God for protection.  I woke Mary, and told her we needed to do this together, and we not only protected ourselves and our pets, jobs, vehicles, etc., but also our families.

After we finished, Mary went back to sleep, and everything quieted down.  Then around 11:00 PM, I felt someone hold my right hand and I heard a female voice say, “It’s Aunt Ginny”.  (See my story about when Aunt Ginny visited my step-mom “Suzy and Aunt Ginny”).  Has it been Aunt Ginny all along that’s been waking me, and trying to help me?  Or did she decide I needed extra help this time around?  Either way, I’m very grateful for all the spiritual and angelic help being afforded me.

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