Posted by: alimarparanormal | March 12, 2012


Two nights ago, I decided to try a new way of Shamanic Journeying.  Instead of going into the Lower World, Middle World or Upper World, I went to my backyard, and sat on my stone bench.

Our stone bench in our back yard

I also told my power animal (panther) that I was open to going where ever she wanted to take me;  that she could show me whatever she wanted, give me a message, etc.

As soon as I sat on the bench, she appeared suddenly at my side.  Overjoyed that she showed up so quickly, I reached over and scratched between her ears, and gave her a warm hug.  She hugged me back and said, “come with me.  I want to show you something,” and led me towards the gate to the front yard.  We walked together  and went out front, down the street, around the corner, and to the end of the our block.  She then told me to get on her back, and we climbed a huge Sycamore tree standing on the corner of my neighbor’s property.

From the top of the tree, I could see all over my neighborhood.  It was fantastic!  I looked in all 4 directions, and then she commanded me to look down into my neighbor’s back yard (the property that crosses the back of my property), and I saw something that disturbed me.  Pacing back and forth along the backside of the fence line between our properties was a large creature that had a body similar to a lion.  At the time I couldn’t make out its features, but during a later meditation I was shown its face.  It had a pointed snout, only one eye, and fangs; it was quite hideous.

Shocked and angered that this thing was lurking along my property line, trying to find a way in, I said out loud, “oh no you don’t!”, and climbed down the tree and ran into my back yard.  My panther charged in front of me and stopped me just before the fence and said, “No, I will take care of this.”  She then leapt over the fence, and gave the entity quite a thrashing.  So much so, that it ran off, entered my neighbor’s yard to the west of my property, jumped on his house, and then leapt through the air, landing on the roof of a house across the street.

Wanting to see where it was heading, I climbed the power pole at the corner of my property.  I remembering thinking, ‘careful, you’ll get electrocuted’, but then laughed when I realized I was in the spirit.  At the top of the pole, I could see the entity lurking on the roof of my neighbor’s house, looking back towards my property.  It was quite upset, but still trying to figure a way onto my property.  I then decided I wanted to watch it from the roof of my house, and tried leaping from the pole to my house, but missed the roof by a few feet.  Within seconds my panther was there by my side, and after climbing on her back, she pulled us both up onto the roof.  Together we watched the entity as it paced back and forth on the neighbor’s roof, trying to decide whether it wanted to go at it again with my panther.  Moments later I felt the presence of another animal, and immediately recognized my gryphon!  Delighted to see it again, I told it was was going on and it said, “climb on my back, and I’ll help you take care of it.”  Seconds later we were flying through the air and my gryphon grabbed the entity and off we flew towards the west.  I remember watching as we followed the Sacramento river all the way to the Bay of San Francisco, flew over the Golden Gate Bridge and out over the ocean.  We traveled quite a distance (though very quickly), and then I saw our destination – a huge whirlpool.  As I shouted with glee my gryphon tossed the errant entity right smack in the middle, and off we flew.

Moments later we were back on the roof of my house, standing next to my panther.  Overjoyed I flung my arms around my gryphon, and then my panther, and said “thank you, thank you both!”  Not only do I have a magnificent panther as my power animal, but I also have a wonderful gryphon, too!  And no longer will I worry about coming under spiritual attack, not with such powerful allies on my side!


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