Posted by: alimarparanormal | April 30, 2012

New visitor

Yesterday morning as I headed down the side walk with my dogs, I saw a form cross the front yard towards our front door. Thinking I might being seeing things, I simply made a note of it and continued on my way.

Then this morning as I was in the bedroom getting ready for work, I saw what I thought was Mary cross the hallway and head for the front bedroom (Reiki Room). Just seconds later I walked into the living room and saw Mary sitting on the couch, busily playing DrawSomething on her phone.

I asked her if she was just in the hallway, and she said “no”. I asked if she’d gotten up for any reason over the last couple of minutes and she said, “no” again.

So we either have a new earthbound spirit visitor, or I’m seeing something else (maybe a shift between universes?). The reason I even bring up the second possibility is the apparition was Mary’s height and had black hair.

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