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New ITC Images

Last Friday, I decided to try the Margaret Downey method for ITC, again.  I haven’t used this technique in such a long, long time.

If you’re not familiar with ITC, this particular technique is quite simple.  All you need is a pot, water, flashlight and a video camera (phone with video capability works fine, too).  And using these items, you try to capture ghostly images via the water and reflected light.  I, and many, many others have captured some absolutely amazing images.  To see more of my images, and learn how to use this technique, please see my instructional video found here: instructional Videos. To see just the images, please go to my ITC Ghost Images page.

Anyway, I got some very intriguing results.  The most intriguing I will post here, and the rest can be found by following the link above.

Below is an image that has a man’s face, a man’s nose, and at least 3 dogs.  The significance is the man and the dogs look eerily like the victims of a hit and run accident that occurred in Carmichael, CA.

Blog on the accident:

Are Harison and his dogs trying to come through?  I don’t know for sure, but the coincidence is quite amazing!



Posted by: alimarparanormal | August 13, 2012

New Visitor

About a month ago, Mary and I were at a Target store in Davis, CA. when we both noticed a presence.  We were in the Kindle accessories section when I first noticed my Clairkinesis go off (this is a tingling that starts at the top of my head and works its way down).  It was very, very strong.  I immediately mentioned it to Mary and she nodded knowingly; she was feeling something, too.  We continued our shopping, talking amongst ourselves quietly – wondering who it might be.  Someone that died in the store?  Or perhaps someone that lived on the land a long, long time ago?  Out of respect we very quietly told the spirit that we couldn’t help them, and that we were sorry, but they needed to find someone else who could.

Well, it appears this “person” wasn’t willing to take “no” for an answer, for we had several things happen after that.  I made the following post on Facebook on July 14th:

“We’re in “Walmart” in Roseville, CA and this 20 lb. weight came off the shelf on its own. Imagine how much energy it took to make that happen. By the way, this must happen a lot, because the floor is all dented in the area.”

and then on July 29th, 2012:

“Mary and I think something or someone followed us home the other night. We’ve heard pots and pans rattling, she saw the sheet on the bed move, I saw something hovering over the bed, and then this … Our 30 pound, stone Aztec calendar flew off the wall. I had it mounted in such a way that it had to lift up and out of the mount to come out of it. Included is a picture of the mount, still intact and unbroken.”

Below are pictures of the weight, calendar, fairies, etc.  I only wish I’d taken a picture of the mess made when the calendar crashed down on top the book case.  I was just so shocked, and worried Mary would get upset (the fairies are collector’s items).

So the weekend after the calendar came off the wall, I did a cleansing and helped the spirit find the light.  Since then we haven’t had anything unusual happen.

Posted by: alimarparanormal | April 30, 2012

New visitor

Yesterday morning as I headed down the side walk with my dogs, I saw a form cross the front yard towards our front door. Thinking I might being seeing things, I simply made a note of it and continued on my way.

Then this morning as I was in the bedroom getting ready for work, I saw what I thought was Mary cross the hallway and head for the front bedroom (Reiki Room). Just seconds later I walked into the living room and saw Mary sitting on the couch, busily playing DrawSomething on her phone.

I asked her if she was just in the hallway, and she said “no”. I asked if she’d gotten up for any reason over the last couple of minutes and she said, “no” again.

So we either have a new earthbound spirit visitor, or I’m seeing something else (maybe a shift between universes?). The reason I even bring up the second possibility is the apparition was Mary’s height and had black hair.

Posted by: alimarparanormal | March 12, 2012


Two nights ago, I decided to try a new way of Shamanic Journeying.  Instead of going into the Lower World, Middle World or Upper World, I went to my backyard, and sat on my stone bench.

Our stone bench in our back yard

I also told my power animal (panther) that I was open to going where ever she wanted to take me;  that she could show me whatever she wanted, give me a message, etc.

As soon as I sat on the bench, she appeared suddenly at my side.  Overjoyed that she showed up so quickly, I reached over and scratched between her ears, and gave her a warm hug.  She hugged me back and said, “come with me.  I want to show you something,” and led me towards the gate to the front yard.  We walked together  and went out front, down the street, around the corner, and to the end of the our block.  She then told me to get on her back, and we climbed a huge Sycamore tree standing on the corner of my neighbor’s property.

From the top of the tree, I could see all over my neighborhood.  It was fantastic!  I looked in all 4 directions, and then she commanded me to look down into my neighbor’s back yard (the property that crosses the back of my property), and I saw something that disturbed me.  Pacing back and forth along the backside of the fence line between our properties was a large creature that had a body similar to a lion.  At the time I couldn’t make out its features, but during a later meditation I was shown its face.  It had a pointed snout, only one eye, and fangs; it was quite hideous.

Shocked and angered that this thing was lurking along my property line, trying to find a way in, I said out loud, “oh no you don’t!”, and climbed down the tree and ran into my back yard.  My panther charged in front of me and stopped me just before the fence and said, “No, I will take care of this.”  She then leapt over the fence, and gave the entity quite a thrashing.  So much so, that it ran off, entered my neighbor’s yard to the west of my property, jumped on his house, and then leapt through the air, landing on the roof of a house across the street.

Wanting to see where it was heading, I climbed the power pole at the corner of my property.  I remembering thinking, ‘careful, you’ll get electrocuted’, but then laughed when I realized I was in the spirit.  At the top of the pole, I could see the entity lurking on the roof of my neighbor’s house, looking back towards my property.  It was quite upset, but still trying to figure a way onto my property.  I then decided I wanted to watch it from the roof of my house, and tried leaping from the pole to my house, but missed the roof by a few feet.  Within seconds my panther was there by my side, and after climbing on her back, she pulled us both up onto the roof.  Together we watched the entity as it paced back and forth on the neighbor’s roof, trying to decide whether it wanted to go at it again with my panther.  Moments later I felt the presence of another animal, and immediately recognized my gryphon!  Delighted to see it again, I told it was was going on and it said, “climb on my back, and I’ll help you take care of it.”  Seconds later we were flying through the air and my gryphon grabbed the entity and off we flew towards the west.  I remember watching as we followed the Sacramento river all the way to the Bay of San Francisco, flew over the Golden Gate Bridge and out over the ocean.  We traveled quite a distance (though very quickly), and then I saw our destination – a huge whirlpool.  As I shouted with glee my gryphon tossed the errant entity right smack in the middle, and off we flew.

Moments later we were back on the roof of my house, standing next to my panther.  Overjoyed I flung my arms around my gryphon, and then my panther, and said “thank you, thank you both!”  Not only do I have a magnificent panther as my power animal, but I also have a wonderful gryphon, too!  And no longer will I worry about coming under spiritual attack, not with such powerful allies on my side!


Posted by: alimarparanormal | February 28, 2012

Unwanted Visitor

Over the last couple of weeks, Mary and I have been experiencing some, let’s put it this way, undesirable spiritual activity.   It started with the appearance of something that can only be described as a fluorescent squid (or octopus) near my side of the bed.  I’d seen this entity in the past, and never thought much of it, but for some reason this time it it frightened me so badly that I screamed out loud (something I never do).

The next night, as I was practicing my journeying, I felt something come up on my side of the bed, stand there for a while, and finally sit on the end of the bed.  Then all throughout the night, I kept feeling Mary touch me (something not unusual, except the frequency of the touching).  This culminated in finally being vigorously shook awake via my left shoulder.  The only issue with this is that when I turned to her to say, “What?”, I realized she was sound asleep with her back to me, snoring away.  It was then that I realized someone, or something was either being mischievous, or trying desperately to help me.

I’ve been “shaken awake” before by a very helpful spirit trying to keep me from choking on my own vomit (I was having issues with extreme acid reflux due to a malfunctioning gall bladder).  Knowing this, one would think I’d put two and two together, and try to figure out what was going on.  But it wasn’t until Mary, too, was touched that I finally realized we had a very unwanted visitor.

It was two mornings later that Mary took me aside and told me she felt a male spirit lie down next to her, put his arm around her, and press up against her (if you know what I mean).  Why she waited until morning to tell me, I don’t know.  Whatever the case, this alarmed me beyond belief.  Never once has any of the activity in our house been negative in nature, yes, mischievous, playful, but never negative.  Plus, I am always the one to see things hovering above or next to the bed, or moving through the kitchen, or hovering above a chair.  I’m the one that hears things on a regular basis, is touched, etc., not Mary.  Yes, on one occasion she did see a young woman standing at the end of our bed, and she does hear her name called, or inaudible words being spoken from time to time – but nothing to the extent of my experiences.

So when she told me a male entity made his intentions known, I knew things were escalating.  After considering what should be done, I decided we needed to join together and do a very intense cleansing.  Using sage, we went through the entire house (focusing mainly on the bedroom), and expelled the spirit from our premises, effectively blocking him from coming back into the house.  We also set up two waiting rooms (one in each bedroom window) to draw any other spirits away from us, and into this place of light.  And the effect was almost immediate.  That night neither Mary nor I were touched, or bothered in anyway.  I did, however, hear “him” thump the floor (from underneath), and scream in frustration outside the house.  Praise God!  And best of all, I got a full nights rest.

But, then last night happened …

The male spirit tried everything he could to get into the house.  And when he couldn’t he then decided to thump the wall, and throw rocks at the windows.  This was quite disturbing, and managed to keep both Mary and I up for a good part of the night.  Then, on top of that, I had another visitor.  I believe it was the same helpful spirit that shook me awake on several occasions.  This time she (I’m certain it’s female) grabbed my right foot to wake me up.  It was then that I finally put two and two together and called on the white light of God for protection.  I woke Mary, and told her we needed to do this together, and we not only protected ourselves and our pets, jobs, vehicles, etc., but also our families.

After we finished, Mary went back to sleep, and everything quieted down.  Then around 11:00 PM, I felt someone hold my right hand and I heard a female voice say, “It’s Aunt Ginny”.  (See my story about when Aunt Ginny visited my step-mom “Suzy and Aunt Ginny”).  Has it been Aunt Ginny all along that’s been waking me, and trying to help me?  Or did she decide I needed extra help this time around?  Either way, I’m very grateful for all the spiritual and angelic help being afforded me.

Posted by: alimarparanormal | February 24, 2012

Upper World and Symbols

A couple of nights ago, I decided to take a shamanic journey to the Lower World to talk with my power animal.  I already knew what my power animal is, a black panther.  But, up till then hadn’t had a chance to ask questions, etc.  So, for the first time, I went into my journey with conversation in mind.

Before journeying I debated whether I wanted to go into the Lower World, or for the first time, venture into the Upper World (the world where our spirit guides, angels, and other heavenly, higher vibrational beings reside).  But, I decided to stick with the Lower World until I’d mastered it.

Using a shamanic drumming beat I have on my  iTouch, I started on my way, and about 10 minutes later I was in the Lower World.  After looking around for my power animal, she finally appeared and immediately pounced on me, knocking me to the ground.  With her paws on my chest she asked angrily, “Why are you so fearful?”.

With the large cat on my chest, I answered, “I don’t know.  I’m just am.”  After a brief pause, I asked her, “Are you angry with me?”

Immediately, she pulled back and said, “Oh, no dear one.”  She then wrapped her warm, soft legs around me lovingly and held me.  “I am not angry with you at all!  I love you!”.  After holding me for a while she then crouched down on the ground and said, “Come.  Get on my back and I’ll take you somewhere.”  I did as she directed, and we suddenly flew into the air, and rose up and up and up.  Instantly, I knew where we were headed, the Upper World!  I remember being overwhelmed with joy, with tears streaming down my face.

After traveling upwards for a time, we passed through a cloudy, foggy layer and everything changed.  In the distance I could see golden crystal spirals rising up into the air; buildings so beautiful I can hardly describe them to you.  All around me were beings that I could sense, but not yet see.  Then, suddenly, a female being came into my view.  She was dressed in tribal garb, and looked alien; almost like the shaman in Avatar.  I asked who she was and she said, “I am you from a past life.”  So, it was true, I was a shaman once before.

Then the beat of the shamanic drum started to slow, and I knew I was being called back into the physical reality.  But before I left the Upper World I was presented with three symbols in the following order:

NOTE:  All three symbols were in line drawing format, or like icons

1)  Person with arms raised.  Above the person was an upright triangle.
2) A white lotus
3) A link of chain (possibly 12 links)

I did some research on the possible meaning of the symbols and came up with the following:

Triangle:  The upright triangle in Western beliefs represents “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”, but it is also represents aspiration, rising force, and the male principal.

Lotus:  The lotus is a natural emblem of growth and transformation. In my vision it was white, which means purity and spiritual perfection.

Chain:  The chain can also represent a need to break bonds or links with people, ideas, or situations.  It also represents a reward for acceptable and weighty service.

I also received a possible interpretation from a friend:

“The chain with the 12 links reminds me of the DNA that is suppose to be activated with ascending…to higher consciousness…lots of energy healing is based on this…the opening of the crown chakra. The lotus is often referred to in the opening of the crown chakra, also…as one truth comes in a pedal will open.”

Something else … In the Upper World, nothing was said to me about being afraid.  Instead, I met a past life incarnation that was very indigenous.  The word “shaman” came to my mind.  I will have to weigh the rest of the message and see if I can come up with a final explanation.

Posted by: alimarparanormal | February 22, 2012

Angel or Guide?

Last night, February 21st, I had trouble falling to sleep. During the day I started a new chapter in my book “The House on Miller Street”, and found myself going over and over it in my mind as I lie in bed. After tossing and turning for about 20 minutes, I suddenly felt something on Mary’s side of the bed, and looked up. There, in front of the wardrobe, was dark mass. Within it I could see an occasional flash of light or light blur movement.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been noticing that my perceptions are getting stronger (I’m seeing auras more often, sensing presences, etc.), and I’m getting visited at night. Just last week I awoke in the middle of the night to what looked like a fluorescent squid hovering on my side of the bed. When I asked a group of psychic friends about this, one of them told me it was a demon trying to attach itself to me. Lovely!

Actually, I discounted the whole “demon” theory as I have great difficulty with the whole demon/angel belief system (it just discounts too easily the evil within humanity itself). I did, however, acknowledge the possibility that an earthbound spirit might be trying to attach him or herself to me, so I did a cleansing ceremony, and went on with my day.

But when I saw movement in the room again last night, I decided to confront it immediately, but silently (so as not to wake Mary). In my mind I said, “If you are of goodness and light, I want you to show yourself to me, in Jesus name and blood. If you do not show yourself then I will know you are not of good intentions, and you are to leave immediately – get out of my house. Goodness and light has no reason to hide.” I then watched the area as long as I could, but eventually drifted off to sleep.

A short while later, I awoke again and saw something absolutely wonderful! On my side of the bed, hovering about 6 feet off the floor was the head and upper torso of a man. I could distinctly see Asian features and dark hair. He hovered there for about 5 seconds, smiled at me, and then drifted away and disappeared.

This was an absolute first for me. I have never seen any kind of clear apparition-like figure in my house. Each time I’ve seen anything close to human it has always been more like a wavy distortion in the air. This time, however, I saw an actual face, head, and shoulders. I am totally stoked! And best of all, he heard my thoughts and did as I commanded.

Was he an angel or a guide? I don’t know for sure, but the feeling I got was one of goodness and love.

Posted by: alimarparanormal | February 1, 2012

Reading Glasses

The protective spirit/guide/angel that has been watching over me helped me once again early this morning.

It all started yesterday morning when my reading glasses suddenly disappeared. I remembered setting them on my nightstand as I headed for bed the night before, but when I got up the next morning they were no where to be found.

At around 12:15 AM this morning, I got up to take the prilosec that I’d forgotten before dinner (I felt a bout of acid reflux coming on). As I headed back to bed, I placed my hand on the end of the bed to steady myself, and felt my glasses under my hand. My protector amazingly placed my glasses in the exact spot I would touch on the bed! I chuckled out loud, and said “thank you for returning my glasses to me.” Hearing my comment, Mary asked what was going on. When I told her I’d just found my glasses on the end of the bed she replied, “They were not there earlier. I’m certain of it.”

Thank you my dear friend for looking out for me once again!

Posted by: alimarparanormal | January 19, 2012

Shaken Awake

January 12th, 2012:

Had a couple of strange things happen to me this week: someone or something shook me awake in the middle of the night twice (no it was not Mary). Each time I awoke from a dead sleep to someone shaking my left shoulder, and each time I was about to be ill. I think this someone was trying to keep me from choking on my own vomit (sorry to be so descriptive, but it is true).

Today I found out I have biliary dyskinesia, or a mal-functioning gall bladder. I have to have surgery. God works in mysterious ways.

Update (January 17th):

Met with the surgeon today, and was told my condition is genetic, not a result of bad diet.  I was happy to hear that for two reasons:  1) I eat pretty healthy (no fried or fatty foods, little daily, very little red meat, and low sugar), 2) This could help explain the problems my sister and Dad have (they both have stomach issues; Daddy has been taking ranitidine for years for heartburn).

The surgeon also said I absolutely have to have my gall bladder out as it is no longer emptying (which explains the pain between my shoulder blades, and in my right side, and possibly explains my pelvic pain; pressure on surrounding organs, including my bladder).   So, once again, I’m having surgery.  I wonder if Mishu will be sent to watch over me again? (In 2010 I had thyroid surgery, and was told “Mishu” watched over me during the surgery.  Below is a video I did that includes a ghost box recording, and my explanation of the experience):

Posted by: alimarparanormal | December 29, 2011

Blast of Cold Air

This morning around 2:45 AM, I was jolted awake by a blast of cold air on my side of the bed. Nothing else happened, just the freezing cold air. Needless to say, I couldn’t go back to sleep, and instead decided to go into the living room and add this entry. I did, however, feel a presence lurking in the living room (possibly followed me in there from the bedroom). So I promised to help whoever it is after Mary leaves this morning for work.

NOTE: It’s been quite a while since anything else has happened in the house (except for the ghost children bothering the dogs). We did have ornaments fall from the Christmas tree last week, but other than that it’s been pretty quiet around here.

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