The following pages contain some of our better EVPs. Most of these were recorded in our home. However, we do have some from our investigations.


Art Studio

Children’s Voices

Citrus Heights Residence

Elk Grove Residence

Family Gatherings

Ghost of Highway 50

House on H Street

Local Artist’s Home

Mischievous EVPs

Needing Help

Phone EVPs

Radio Sweep EVP Captures

Woodland Opera House

If you’d like to know how to capture EVPs, please check out this page:

How to Capture EVPs


  1. I am positive I have an evp on my home phone from my son that passed at the age of 19…after a couple of static sounds I can clearly hear my son’s voice saying ‘mom?’ in a questioning type of voice…like he’s not sure if I hear him. I let my sister listen…without giving her any information…her reaction was bizarre, she got goosebumps…her face looked shocked, then I asked her what she heard and she said..its Christopher, saying…mom! It freaked her out..
    this evp is audible when I go to pickup my phone messages…its still on my phone…if you want to hear it…let me know the best way to try and record it for you to listen!!

    • Leslie,

      I would love to hear your EVP from your son, Christopher. If you have a digital recorder, put it up to the phone receiver, and it should be able to pick it up, and then download it to your PC and email it to me (I also sent you an email reply – check your email box). If you don’t have a recorder and want to purchase one, I highly recommend the Olympus PC recorders. I’m not certain what the latest model is, but I use both the 3100PC and the 4100PC. Then you’ll be able to download the EVP to your computer, and save it as a MP3 or wave file, and email it to me.

      If you can’t afford a new recorder at this time, you can also try recording the EVP directly into your computer through the MIC input.

      Let me know how it goes!


  2. Hello. My name is morgan and I really enjoyed your site. I live in the sacramento area and me and my team are looking for a couple spots that are known. I was interested in finding out if you know of any locations here either in the sacramento area or the northern cali area. We hae spent alot of money in equiptment and time and we dont really wont to trust all these kids that are telling us about spots. Hope that we can talk to each other soon. Thank you

    Sacramento Ghost Investigators

    • Hi Morgan,

      First of all, thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment! And yes, there are several interesting sites in the area you can investigate. For a great list check out the following site:


      Beyond that I would recommend:
      – “The National Hotel” in Jackson, CA.
      – just about any restaurant in Placerville, CA
      – Woodland Opera House, Woodland, CA.
      – Coloma, CA (see the listing on the site I provided)

      On another note .. If your team would like to learn how to record for EVPs, or would like training in how to pull them out of digital recordings, I could provide a training session. I can also teach you how to use the Radio Sweep technique, and how to do ITC Videos using Water. If this is something you might be interested in, please send me an email at “[email protected]

      Take care,


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