Children’s Voices

The following are some of the EVPs we’ve captured that include children’s voices

NOTE: If you don’t see the activex plugin under each description, then most likely your browser has disabled it. I would then recommend that you watch our EVP videos, as they contain most of our better EVPs.

While re-tiling my kitchen, I captured this EVP:

“Meke Has to Work?”

While making pancakes one morning, I captured this EVP:

“Now cooking to Die for .. Tommy Likes ‘Em”:

I decided to try an experiment and read a spiritual book out loud, and captured this EVP:

“Better to Have God In You, I Have”:

My Medium friend told me if I were to sit on my couch, quietly, and listen very carefully, I would hear children singing. The following clip is a recording that actually captured this singing. I recommend listening to this clip with a headset as the singing is very faint. Also, the other sound you hear is my dog running around my hardwood floors, and drinking out of her water bowl:

At Thanksgiving in 2007, I was explaining to my Mom how I used an injector with the turkey, and I got this EVP of a young person reacting to my using the injector. Notice how the “Wayyyy Baaad” is on top of my voice. I continue talking through the entire EVP:

Prior to our remodel in 2007, I had to clear out our front bedroom. While in there I noticed that the floor appeared to be sloping. I made a comment about it out loud, and was apparently mocked by one of our younger ghosts in this EVP:

In this clip you can hear the voices of two children, one joking around, the other laughing:

The following clips are of a small 5 or 6 year old boy that haunts our house.

In this clip you can hear him say, “Tired” after I ask him if he wants to talk to me:

Since the word “Mommy” and the occasionally “Hi!” is always heard on Mary’s side of the bed, I decided to ask if he likes Mary. In this clip you can hear him say in response, “Neat!”

In order to learn more about the child I ask his name, and he either says “Ned” or “never”, I’m not certain which:

I’m beginning to wonder if this is the same child we picked up in our bedroom back when we first started recording for EVP (back in 2007). The following clip was one of the first EVPs ever recorded of the child. It is actually two EVPs that occurred within minutes of each other. The first EVP is of the child is singing their version of Rock-a-bye baby, and the second is him making a whining sound:

On February 27th, 2011 I made an attempt to contact two new spirits that have been visiting our home: a young Ukrainian girl, and a man that recently died of cancer. Immediately following an attempt to get the little girls name I recorded the following EVP:

I strongly suggest you listen with headphones, and listen several times as both the little girl’s voice, and the man’s come very quickly. This is what we hear:

Girl: Mousy Jackie (response to whether her name is “Jennifer” or not)
Man: How smart of you

I also did this recording as an attempt to get the spirits to show themselves via the audio spectrogram. A number of investigators have been uncovering fascinating ghostly images embedded within the spectrogram of the audio that includes an EVP. Below is the result of this experiment:

I found this image directly within the EVP. Below is the actual full spectrogram of the audio:

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