Mischievous EVPs

The following EVPs are more along the line of “mischievous”

NOTE: If you don’t see the activex plugin under each description, then most likely your browser has disabled it. I would then recommend that you watch our EVP videos, as they contain most of our better EVPs.

The following EVP was captured during a training session for new investigators.  In it you will hear a male voice say, “Baca .. Baaacaaa!”.  There were no men in the house that night:

The following two EVPs were captured during a cleansing:

“That won’t stop the Gate Keeper” then “We’ll just wait it out”

“Those who fight me … end up dead!”

This EVP may or may not have been talking about Alicia

“I picked her” … “A brute?” …. “high turn” … laugh … “let’s play a joke on her”

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