Phone EVPs

The following are EVPs captured over the phone:

NOTE: If you don’t see the activex plugin under each description, then most likely your browser has disabled it. I would then recommend that you watch our EVP videos, as they contain most of our better EVPs.

At the end of this clip you hear an old woman say, “Cindy?”

A woman speaking another language is captured:


  1. One of the strangest things ever happened to me during a phone call. I know it could have just been another call popping in for a second, but it was too insane for me to think that was the cause.

    I was on the phone with my boyfriend, laying in bed, no lights or my television were on and I suddenly felt like something was laying on me.
    I was on my side, I rolled over and saw a huge black mass right above my face. It had points coming out of it that looked like they were really sharp but the whole thing just kinda looked like a cloud.

    I started freaking out, jumped out of bed, screaming, my boyfriend was freaking out because he had no idea what was going on and then he heard a very gentle female voice say “Talk to her. Say Dove. Calm her down.”

    This was almost a week after my grandmother had died and her last name was Dove.
    I didn’t hear the voice but he said he heard it plain as day on top of me freaking out.
    I’m really enjoying listening to all of your EVP’s! Thank you for sharing them!

    • Kristy,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your personal story with us. It is possible that the female voice your boyfriend heard was either your guide (or his), or your guardian angel. What a wonderful experience!

      Also,we’re delighted that you are enjoying our EVPs!

      Take care,


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