Woodland Opera House

Woodland Opera House Investigation

The following are EVPs captured during both the walk-through and the actual investigation of The Woodland Opera House in Woodland, CA.

NOTE: If you don’t see the activex plugin under each description, then most likely your browser has disabled it. I would then recommend that you watch our EVP videos, as they contain most of our better EVPs.

The following clip was recorded as Alicia walked up the wooden stairs during the initial walk-through. You can hear each footstep, along with a piano playing in the background. The clip actually contains several EVPs. Listen very carefully.

“The house is on fire! Get out of here! Get out of here! This house of Satan don’t care what you do. Look out!”

During the actual investigation, while on a break, one of the investigators makes a comment about another one waving at us. Apparently, we had company, as a male voice plays along and says:

“It’s a ghost!”

In this clip you hear a female spirit ask one of the investigators:

“What happened to you?”

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