Local Artist’s Home

One of the things I look forward to more than just about anything else is my monthly massage.  For most people a massage is purely a luxury, but for me it is a necessity.  With chronic sciatica, I am nearly constantly in pain from the time I wake up, till the time I go to bed.  So whenever I can get in to see my deep tissue massage therapist I am a very happy camper, as she is one of the best I’ve ever gone to.  Not only does she know just exactly how to work out all the kinks, she also gives me wonderful advice on what stretches and exercises to do on my own time to help bring some daily relief.

As with hair dressers, one tends to spend their massage therapy sessions discussing the things going on it our lives.  Since my MT happens to be very interested in the paranormal, we often find ourselves discussing either my latest investigation or her own personal experiences.  So it was at my last massage therapy session, only this time my MT brought up the subject, eager to discuss something that recently happened to her boyfriend.

According to my MT, her boyfriend needed to make a quick trip to his second home to pick up something he needed for work, and she went along for the ride.  Waiting in the car expecting him to be a while, she was surprised at how quickly he went into the house and came back out. Upon questioning him, she learned that was surprised by the sound of a disembodied male voice. He didn’t catch what was said, only that he heard a male voice, and yet he was the only one in the house.

Immediately, they both thought of the previous owner who died in the house, and wondered if the home was being haunted by him.  Trying to reassure her boyfriend, my MT suggested that they have me come by and check out the house to see if I could pick anything up.

On Saturday, January 9th, Mary and I did a complete walk-through of the house, and found several things very intriguing.  Upon interviewing the couple, we learned that the home is not currently occupied, but instead has been going through an intense remodel over the last three years. We also learned that all the rooms have been redone, except for one, which also happens to be the room a previous owner died in.   Mary and I immediately wondered if there was some kind of subconscious connection between the two.

While doing the walk-through, both Mary and I picked up something in three places; the spare bedroom, the basement, and the garage.  In the spare bedroom I had a feeling that something was in the closet, and the feeling intensified when my friend quickly opened and closed the closet door.  Curious, I asked her to open it again, and the feeling became more intense.  I looked over at Mary and asked her if she was picking anything up, and she said she had a feeling of both heaviness and sadness, and that someone died in that room (it turned out that this was indeed the room that the former owner died in, and it also happened to be the one yet to be remodeled).

Why I felt something when the closet door was opened, I don’t know, unless the hospice supplies, oxygen, etc., were kept in the closet, and thus it has retained a negative memory.  Interestingly, we also picked up a couple of EVPs while in that room.

In the basement, Mary felt that the previous owner went there to drink; to hide his habit from his wife.  My MT confirmed that they found many, many empty liquor bottles hidden all over the house, including the basement.

The garage presented an uneasy feeling for both Mary and I.  I felt as if someone was standing at the back of the garage watching us, a feeling that Mary concurred.  We also recorded some EVPs in the garage, which seems to confirm our feelings of unease.  In fact, it seemed as if the former owner was following us all over the property, as we picked up the voice of an old man in several places throughout the house, the garage and the art studio.

Check out the EVP page for the “Local Artist’s Home” to hear some of the clearer EVPs we captured.

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