Ghost Images

Below are some of the better paranormal pictures we’ve taken over the years, or that have been submitted to us for posting.  I’ve included a note about each to help you better understand what is in them.  Enjoy!

One of our subscribers from YouTube submitted the following picture to us. It was taken by her husband with his cell phone camera, and appears to have an apparition on the left side of the frame (in her hair).

Here’s the same image only cropped and enlarged:

Sara’s explanation of the photo:

” I can assure you that the picture is authentic. Other pictures taken that day on the phone had no such image or anything unusual in them.

I did have an acquaintance of mine who is a medium take a look at it. She made a connection that never would have crossed my mind. She immediately said it had a connection to “Evangeline”, the poem by Longfellow. I have a very old copy of “Evangeline.” It was a gift from my mother. I am of French/Cajun decent. She felt that it was connected to the book. And coincidentally, it is on the shelf that was directly behind me in the photo! She also felt it was some kind of clergy person in the picture. I asked my mother where she bought the book and sure enough, she bought it at a monastery!

Maybe my copy of Evangeline belonged to a clergy person who loved the story as much as I do and maybe he is with me in some way because of the book and the connection of our admiration of it. “

Thank you, Sara for sharing this amazing photo with us!

This picture was taken at the Brookdale Lodge in Brookdale, CA.  The thing of interest is an orb that appears just below the white trim of the apex shaped over hang.  See the next picture for an enlargement of the actual orb.

Orb captured in the Brook Room at the Brookdale Lodge

Orb captured in the above picture, only enlarged.  Notice the man inside the orb.  He has on a hat!

Image of a man inside an orb!

During that same trip to the Brookdale Lodge, we visited a nearby bridge, and to our surprise we caught the following apparition:

Bridge Ghost

Bridge Ghost Zoomed In

Bridge Ghost ZoomedBridge Ghost 1 - Inverted

Now you might think that this is just fog or a mist from the river, which is what I thought at first.  But then I saw the very next picture frame.  And the same thing was in the next picture, only now it has turned to look at me:

Bridge Ghost Image 2

Bridge Ghost Image 2

Here is the 2nd image, zoomed:

Bridge Ghost Image 2 Zoomed

Bridge Ghost Image 2 Zoomed

And here is the 2nd image, inverted and enhance to bring out the ghostly image:

Bridge Ghost Image 2 - Inverted

Bridge Ghost Image 2 - Inverted

Also captured during this trip, was this face that appeared to be looking at me as I took a picture of this door:

Face in the Door

Face in the Door

Here it is zoomed in:
Face in Door - Zoomed

Face in Door - Zoomed

During the seance, the following image was captured that has what looks like a ghostly deer leg in it. This was very interesting as directly above where the picture was shot was a trophy of a buck.

Ghostly Deer Leg

Here’s the Deer Leg cropped so you can get a better view of it:

Deer Leg Cropped


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