ITC Ghost Images

Below are some of the better images we’ve captured using the ITC Video Water technique designed by Margaret Downey (  Each image is an individual frame from a video shot either via a Canon PowerShot A540, or a Sony HandyCam DCR-HC28.  If you’d like to know how I capture these images, please view my instructional video found under my Videos page.

This images contains a man’s face, a man’s nose, and at least three dogs, and my black panther animal guide (near the bottom below my finger).

What’s uncanny about this image is the eery resemblance to victims of a horrible hit and run accident that occurred in Carmichael, CA. Below is a picture of the man who latter died, and three of his dogs that were killed by the drunk driver.

Here’s another intriguing image that I call “the shrouded face”:

Here’s a picture of my animal guide, Samsara, that came through pretty clear:

In this image you can see a faint image of a woman in what looks like a 1920s outfit. And below my finger on the right is writing that looks like “Roxie I F .. d”. I captured an EVP years ago in which two spirits are talking:

First Male: “Do you know Roxie?”
Second Male: “I don’t know her.”

I’m hoping this is the spirit’s way of letting me know he finally found Roxie.

Here’s the EVP:

This image may very possibly be the ghostly image of “Rachel”, a young girl that we’ve captured on digital audio via EVP on more than one occasion:

Possible ghostly image of Rachel, a spirit that visits our home

Possible ghostly image of “Rachel”, a spirit that visits our home

This is another image of Rachel, having turned. It occurred in the frame immediately following the first image.

Possible image of Rachel again, on this time she has turned.

Possible image of “Rachel” again, on this time she has turned.


This image is of a man with goggles on his head, and an airplane in the background:

Ghostly image of a man with goggles, and an airplane in the background

Ghostly image of a man with goggles, and an airplane in the background

Ghostly image of a strange animal:

Strange animal

Strange animal

Another strange animal .. looks like maybe a rabbit, puppy or someone’s toy?

Strange Animal

Strange Animal

Image of a soldier’s shirt (right) and my neighbor’s Cocker Spaniel that died a few years back:

shirt and dog

shirt and dog

Image of the word “Ed” (center), and what some say looks like Alicia (right):

The Word "Ed" and Alicia

The Word “Ed” and Alicia

Image of a woman’s white dress:

White Dress

White Dress

Image of my Dad’s dog “Jackie” that died in 2008:


ITC Image of My Dad’s Dog “Jackie”

Image of a partial face:

Partial Face

ITC Image of a Partial Face

Image of my Grandmother (in negative):


ITC Image in Negative Format of Nana

This is our first attempt at finding ITC images in sound. This image was found in the spectrogram of an EVP (please see our EVP to hear it):


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