Alicia has been submitting stories of her paranormal experiences to various sites and publications. Below are some of the stories she has had published:

Paranormal Related Stories:

Ghost of Highway 50

Hospital Visitor

My Su Chef

Suzy and Aunt Ginny

Angelic Intervention Stories:

Warning Song

Stories Related to Visions/Dreams/OBE

Hindsight is 50-50 ORĀ Dad
(same story; different site)

Who Are the Three Beings?

Three Beings .. Again

Stories About Encounters of the Unusual Kind:

Sleep Paralysis or Something Else?

Informational Stories:



  1. Hi,
    just like to say hello and all the best from Norway.
    I really like the work you are doing with this.
    I had an NDE when I was small ,and the interest for the paranormal and the spiritual went from there.
    Around 14 we had an encounter with something serious camping as scouts on the high west Norwegian mountains. After that, I realize that the world is a lot more than what meets the eye. I have written long reports online Norwegian about this.

    I like to follow you as well as I can. It is well done and very interesting.
    Good luck,


    • Helge, it is great to see you here on our blog! I hope you’ll either tell us more about your camping encounter here, or on YouTube. Take care, Alicia

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